About InScribe

InScribe is managed by founder and President Dani Lynch and Senior Vice President Scott Lynch.  Although InScribe has grown exponentially since its beginning in 2006, Dani and Scott continue to provide daily oversight of every facet of its operation, while utilizing a skilled and capable management team.  In founding InScribe, Dani Lynch brought with her more than a decade of prior experience in the medical transcription industry.

Dani and Scott have always approached their clients with the belief that InScribe should mold itself to fit each client’s individual needs.  InScribe works personally with each client to find out where their biggest need is and how we can work together to meet that need with the least disruption to patient care.

InScribe also believes that excellent quality and service do not need to come at a high price.  One of Dani’s greatest accomplishments in the industry has been to design a centralized system for dictation and transcription that covers 32 facilities, saving our clients roughly $2.5 million annually.

Dani continues to bring innovative ideas to the industry in the form of Remote Scribes and Dictated Electronic Medical Record services.

“Dani, we just wanted to be certain to THANK YOU and Scott for helping us through the Go-Live.   As you know, we ran into numerous issues, both large and small, along the way that we would not have been able to tackle alone.   You and Scott were both wonderful to work with and we genuinely appreciate your staying through the weekend and the following Monday to help us resolve our issues.   Thanks from all of us!!!” [Client]