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Accepting Medical Applications! Join our team today!

Inscribe is not currently accepting Radiology applications or applications from any resident of the state of California.

At InScribe, we pride ourselves on being a family. Whether you are a brand new graduate or an experienced MT, we are excited to welcome you.

At InScribe, “Paying-It-Forward” is not just a good idea; it’s how we thrive!

  • Independent Contractor status allows you to determine your own flexible hours from home.
  • Choose to work independently or as part of a team, with the support of other MTs at your fingertips.
  • Through email updates, periodic team chats, and “Instant Messaging” Blast Rooms, our MTs help each other out.
  • Cannot understand a word or two of a physician’s dictation? No problem! Send an instant message to the blast room and someone else can “have a listen” and offer assistance.
  • Develop your skills through online orientations, productivity modules, and Dragon and text expander software.
  • And did we mention Pay-It-Forward? Our MTs have been mentored and encouraged by some of the best in the business and they are not afraid to pass it on.

Come join us today, and soon you will be sharing camaraderie in the blast rooms, handing down your own experience and wisdom, and enjoying the financial benefits of plenty of work in a challenging economy!

We have various types of accounts with differing work-flow patterns and levels of difficulty. We will match you with an account that suits your skill level and lifestyle, and then support you while you become another success story.

Our standards are high, but we are not afraid to invest in you to help you reach them. We believe our track record and growth is a testament to our dedication to the highest quality.

Please note:

  • All MTs are expected to have and maintain antivirus software on their computer.
  • Windows 8 is not compatible with ANY of our transcription platforms at this time.
  • Resumes will not be accepted unless accompanied with a completed application.
  • Inscribe is not currently accepting Radiology applications.
  • Inscribe is not currently accepting applications from any resident of the state of California.
  • US and Canadian applicants only please. InScribe does not outsource.

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