Workloads are never static.  Unforeseen events can affect your ability to manage your workload:

  • Your inhouse MTs are sick or on vacation.
  • Your physicians need to catch up on their dictation.
  • Your facility is experiencing an increased flux of patients.

Whatever the reason, InScribe can help you manage the overflow quickly and without constant monitoring on your part.  Here’s how:

  • When the workload exceeds a pre-determined limit, InScribe will log on and assist with managing the work until it is again under control.
  • As the dictations age past an agreed turn-around-time, InScribe will log on and begin transcribing the oldest dictations.
  • We can also manage specific worktypes daily, on weekends only, or simply as needed. 

Whether you need overflow assistance now or later, short term or long term, InScribe will accommodate your request with friendly and capable service.