Speech Recognition

InScribe implements, trains, and supports Dictaphone/Nuance speech recognition systems.  Both front-end and back-end speech are fully supported. 

  • Front-end speech recognition is a particularly attractive feature for physicians who prefer to look after the full report generation process.  Text is generated on-screen from their dictations in real-time, allowing physicians to edit and finalize documents themselves.
  • When implemented as a back-end layer, the system is fully transparent to physicians, who may not even be aware that speech recognition technology is being used. Completed dictations are automatically processed by the speech recognition server in the background and the transcriptionist is presented with a transcribed text and the original audio file. Their new role consists of checking the recognition accuracy rather than having to transcribe the entire report.

We also train our transcriptionists and scribes in the method that we have developed called “Echo Transcription”, which can be up to three times faster than typing, with up to 99% accuracy.  The transcriptionist repeats (echoes) what is heard by speaking it into a microphone using special software that converts speech to text.  

If you are interested in learning or implementing any form of speech recognition, or just have questions, please call Dani Lynch at 866-496-0067, extension 0.